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Kamloops Tim Hortons Brier

Sue Lipkewich

January 22, 2021

Good day, we bought tickets to the Tim Hortons Brier that was held in Kamloops. What a dream come true!

Our seats were almost front row so we could see all the players. My favourite curler of all time is Brad Gushue and he and his team graciously signed my Canadian flag that I never leave home without.

I brought the flag to the Vancouver Olympics and got Brendan Shanahan, Liz Manley, Ken Hitchcock! That is how it all started! I only get Canadian athletes to sign it and have over 100 signatures now.

Getting back to Brad, I also got my photo taken with him and the team. I almost peed my pants I was so excited (quietly lol). What a thrill to see my favourite team up close.

Jim cotter represented BC also and it was a thrill to see him play as well.

One of the fantastic things about curling is all the great people you meet; behind us was a man named Lesley from New Brunswick, he had attended the last 15 Briers and said this was his winter vacation! We exchanged addresses and still keep un touch with cards and email.

I love everything about curling, I would love to go to Vegas for a Continental cup, but the Tim Hortons Brier is by far the best curling competition in the world, a little biased but its true. I hope you choose me, I wont let you down, I have three cow bells and of course my iconic 🇨🇦,

Thank you 🥌 cheers Sue 🥌