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Lady in love

Pam Iwanchysko

January 29, 2021

My husband and I met in a very small rural Manitoba community at a ladies bonspiel dance that was being held during a weekend bonspiel as a fundraiser for the local curling club.

I had just returned home from university and started my new job. I had been invited by a mutual friend to come to the dance with her. Near the end of the evening my husband and I bumped into each other and I actually wanted nothing to do with him, since he had too much of a good time that night!

However upon the encouragement of my friend she had actually suggested to pursue a date with him. So one was set up for lunch the following week.

He stood me up! He had claimed he was too shy to go through with it. She then set up a few more phone calls and thus we finally did have the first date.

Following that, we ended up curling in a mixed bonspiel together and the fun has continued ever since! I ended up becoming the President of that local community club for a few years before the we moved and continue to curl there whenever we can.

We have now been married for 23 years with 3 children who all love to curl. It may have never happened if it hadn’t been for that ladies bonspiel!