It happened many, many years ago.
My opposition, the most senior and most respected members of our club. One was Gord Bowman, father of Mary Childers (Bowman).
Mary played for Allison Goring who lost to Sandra Schmirler in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.
My team was down 7-4. I had the hammer. It was the last end.
My opponent had a rock near the button and another biting the rings at about 8:00 o’clock.
I had a rock frozen to the opponent’s rock near the button and another biting the back of the rings but that rock was being outcounted by the opponent’s rock at 8:00.
I told my lead, Roger Allan that if just ticked the rock at 8:00, the shooter would hit our frozen rock thus knocking our opponent’s rock out the back of the rings.
Clearly an almost impossible shot for a club curler.
Jokingly, I told Roger to put the score up.
I delivered the shot and made it!
But the funniest part was when I said to Roger, “You should have put the score up”, he replied “I did”.
I turned around to look at the scoreboard and sure enough without me knowing, he had put up the score!
Many laughs over a few pints and from then on anytime Gord Bowman saw me, he’d always asked me if I had any more “called shots”?
Sadly Gord and his team have passed on. Roger, in his 80’s still curls with me. We’ve told this story many, many times.
A few year’s ago, as a fund raiser our club sold “rock handles”.
Mine says, Ian Young…
Last Rock… Make It Count.
My license plate also says “LastRock”.
Regards to all curlers and fans of this great sport,
– Ian Young