I was 14 years old, late in life to curling; My Lead Peers were all 9 and 10 years old. I loved the game but didn’t find the time to play until then. I slipped, slid and hogged a lot of rocks then and sometimes still do now but what I did find was a friend who is truly my best friend. He was a skip at 13 (yet to turn 14) and didn’t notice me. It wasn’t until we were in grade 11 that he realized I was the same age and we began to hang. Never did we play together a as juniors but we sure had fun off the ice before and after games and our on ice battles were so 1 sided (he kicked my butt) every time. Our league was Sunday mornings and in the years 18 to 20 were mostly played after the influence of alcohol but we both always made it on time. Lost touch for a few years but in 2008 reconnected and the rest is history. He wasn’t ready to hit the ice but watched me play coaching me to be better. Finally after so many off ice life changes (kids, marriage & deaths) I became his 3rd in 2017 and we have been bickering on the ice ever since. I wouldn’t change it for the world. He’s a Manitoba Tucker and I am a Girl in the Kilt. Who knew that the best friend and teammate I would ever have would be the guy who sent his sister to annoy me every Sunday morning.