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Pat Lafreniere

February 10, 2023

Our curling story.

Curling Story from Patricia Lafreniere – member of Pembroke Curling Centre – Pembroke, Ontario

My husband Dennis and I have been members at our local curling club for over 33 years. We began curling to enjoy a night out together of exercise and socializing. We had 3 young children at the time and made this our couple time.

Eight years ago, shortly after curling season started my husband became ill. He began the season on the ice but by mid-November realized whatever was ailing him needed to be checked into. The diagnosis was not good. A healthy individual who had been for a complete physical just 9 month previous was now diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver disease. This news came just a few weeks before Christmas that year, which devastated our family and those who knew him. We also received news that our first grandchild was expected that Spring. The support we received from our friends at the local curling club kept me going with a positive mind. To keep my mind busy, 3 other curlers along with my husband convinced me to join their team and register for the 50+

Winter games taking place that winter. It was a few days away with great people and a chance to breath.

I completed that curling season, without my husband on the ice with me. I began extensive testing of my own and was accepted to be his living liver donor. But, his health deteriorated very quickly. Just days before our scheduled transplant, in what may have been his final days, we received a call that he had another organ available immediately. He may not have made it a few more days. 10 months after being diagnosed he received the gift of life from an anonymous donor.

When we returned to Pembroke from Toronto, 2 ½ months after his surgery one of the first places he wanted to visit was our curling club. To everyone’s surprise he showed up during a Saturday bonspiel and started peeling potatoes with the kitchen volunteers.

The next season, he returned to curling, much to everyone’s surprise.

Today, my husband curls 4 – 5 days a week and volunteer’s endless hours at our club and appreciates this period of “Overtime” that he has been given.

Never take anything for Granted!

Live, Love and Play!!