Loggers Bonspiel - Curling Day In Canada

I attended a curling bonspiel back in the early 80’s in Salmo BC, a small town in the Kootenays where logging is the main industry, hence the name “Loggers Bonspiel”. We were playing a local team made up of 4 large burly men all wearing the traditional black and red plad wool shirts which some called “Salmo Dinner Jackets”. As we started the first end the lead for the opposition picked up his rock and proceeded to clean it by rubbing it across his chest. We knew we up against a “tough team”. As the game went on one of their players was sweeping a rock into the house with a straw corn broom so hard that it sounded like a helicopter coming in for a landing. As he came into the 8 foot the coil of wire holding the straw together broke and his broom literally exploded leaving the house covered in straw and ground the moving rock to a halt. We didn’t have the courage to tell him it was a burned stone and conceded the point.

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