My husband loved curling. His rent curled in many bonspiel ie MCA couple of times went down to the states and curled and many others. But in 2018 he had three strokes, even though he recovered from his strokes, he just didn’t have the strength in the one leg he felt, and the eyesight to curl again. He did try, but he wasn’t happy with his efforts so he watched his rent curl in different spiels and watched the curling on TV. Ended up in a wheelchair in 2021 due to a brain tumour and passed. He was not able to watch his rink curl due to the fact that he was in a wheelchair and our curling rink was not assessable. Fundraising in his memory made the rink assessable be proud and he’ll be able to watch his rink curl. He loved his curling. That was his life in the winter time. I would love to win and take three of his curling buddies with me.