I may live in Saskatchewan currently, but this story comes from Ontario. It was 1985, and I was in grade 7. My teacher, Mrs. Stewart thought she would do something different for Phys Ed that year. Since she was a lover and a player of curling, she would teach the sport to her class. We had the school board permission, and the local country club welcomed the idea. On our first day, we learned about the game and then divided it into groups to find out where our strengths are. I found out I had quite the knack of landing the rock on the button. I proceeded to fall in love with the game. I was also talked to about joining a local team, but unfortunately that didn’t come to be. I have major knee problems and doing that sport made it worse. So I watched what I could on TV and locally. I have been to a couple Scottie tournaments but would love to go to a Brier. Go haaard!