My name is Joy Thimer, I didn’t grow up curling however my late Grandfather and my Mother Brenda are super cheer leader lovers for the sport. I just turned 47 this year and I took up curling back in probably the late 90’s, when I curled on a team in my hometown of Thorhild, AB. Then a few years later curled in Gibbons. AB on a team, then joined a team in Morinville, AB around 2014/2015. I’ve been part of this great team ever since. Our team is made up of our mature bird Skip K McKinnon, myself the youngen as Lead, the other mature bird N Hutchings as 2nd, and A Pirtle the other youngen as 3rd haha we keep the 2 older ones young at heart with our charismatic flare, spunk and cheekiness. They especially love when we come up with some amazing ideas for dressing up for bonspiels or Halloween! 😉 We are part of the Ladies League at Morinville Curling Club and have been lucky enough to have claimed the leader spot several years in a row. It’s probably because our Skip McKinnon keeps us in line! Haha We truly do have an amazing team that laugh together, cry together, get mad together… well sometimes but most of all play amazing curling together. Our club has some standing awards where I also earned the Miss Congeniality Award two years in a row. I love the sport of curling and even assisted coaching the Juniors back when my daughter was in curling. She was darn good at it and I wish she had kept it up. Likely boys got in the way? Lol She still curls once in awhile with us but not often enough in my opinion. She works for our ice maintenance crew at the Club grooming the ice now 3-4 days a week! I hope to keep the spirit of curling alive as long as I can in my family. I have even got the hubby out for my work funspiels. I sit on the board of executives for our club as well and we are always looking at new ways to get more people out to try curling. Whether you’re young or matured you can easily Keep Calm and Curl On!! 🥌