In 2014 the Canadian Junior Championships was held in Liverpool, NS. My then 77 year old Mom (83 now) is always glued to the TV if curling is on.

She knows the teams, the players, the shots but has never played and had never seen a real game so when they asked for volunteers I signed me and my Mom up as she does not drive.

I would get off work at 2 and go pick her up and we would go work our 4 hour shifts and then watch whatever game was on at the time.

Mom (Joyce Whynot) had a blast. She got a vest for volunteering and we did not know about the lapel pins at first but when she found out she was right in there getting pins to fill her vest.

Unfortunately we had so much fun that I did not get a picture of us together but if we win we can put on our vests and send pictures. This was a dream of my Mother’s and I was so very glad to be able to fulfill it for her. We have been waiting for another one to be held close to our home and will definitely go again. The curlers were so nice and easy to get along with.

Mom is still glued to the TV whenever curling is on but now watches reruns until Covid is over and things return to normal. And one thing the family cannot do is call her when curling is on as we get “can I call you back”. She loves the sport and I would love for her to win to go see this live and not working but to enjoy the game.

Thank you