Meet The Socialites - Curling Day In Canada

Meet the Socialites, four of the most fun and enthusiastic curling fans in the country. We are family and curling has been part of our heritage for decades most notably an annual family bonspiel in a two lane rural Nova Scotia rink that just celebrated 45 years. Each of us has curled in various clubs throughout Nova Scotia and PEI and it was through our love of curling that brought us to the Scottie’s in Sydney NS in 2019 where we were featured I human curling during the 6th end break. Since then and up until Covid shut things down we have donned our yellow sou’westers and NS tartan pants at various curling events including the Pinty’s Grand Slam in NS that had us featured on TSN commercial break throughout the weekend. We are already planning our next curling adventure together and a trip to the Brier would be a perfect adventure for this group of sisters/cousins/aunt/niece. You won’t find a better foursome that’ll have more fun and celebrate their love of curling!

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