My story begins with a gift from 3 brother in laws on retiring. The Gift was a total package of tickets and accommodations for 2015 Ford World Mens Curling Championship held in Halifax,Nova Scotia. On April 1,2015, the morning draw, I was sitting close to the play when I decided to go for a coffee. As I walked up to the concourse, I meet a woman sitting by herself, I replied ‘Good Morning, How are You? and are You enjoying the games? She replied, “I just arrived and to her dismay the airline lost her luggage”. I said,” where are You from?” She replied, “ I am from Kelona,British Columbia and My Husband Bob is a coach for the Russian Team.” My reply, “ I know of Bob and his Father Jim , who have played in the Briers” ( my knowledge of reading how curling got its start in Canada to Present Day). She introduced herself ,”My name is Leanne”, with quick wit, being April 1st, April Fools Day, I introduced myself. “ My name is Rodriquez Gomez, I am the Skip of the Mexican National Curling Team.” Leanne smiled, knowing full well I was humouring her. Leanne replied, “ How are You Guys doing?” I smiled and replied “Not very Good, Can’t seem to get the ice from the margarita onto the Ice” We laughed.. Later on that day, I seen ZlLeanne chatting with a Gentleman with Russian on his coat and I ventured over to say Hello. I introduced myself as Rod Gowan and I proceeded to share how I meet His Wife, Leanne.. We Laughed and Bob’s replied “ I bet she believed You!” We joked and Laughed. And that my folks is How I meet the storied Family Ursels.