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Meeting Glenn Howard

Moe Rogers

January 14, 2022

It was a cold, frosty February morning in Dorchester Ontario, a village about 200 km west of Toronto. I along with 100 plus volunteers out of the Ingersoll Curling Club was hosting the 2015 Tankard. I drew the early morning shift in the parking lot directing patrons where to park. Some people purchased or was given VIP parking right behind the arena or they had to park out in the field. It wasn’t a high profile job but I knew after a few hours I would have the rest of the day to watch some of the best curlers in Ontario. Vehicles started rolling in and everything was going smoothly. A blue half ton truck entered the parking lot and I noticed a man and woman in the front and sibbling in the back. As he pulled up and started to roll down his window I wished him a good morning with a smile and immediatly knew who he was, it was Glenn Howard with his family. Wow, face to face with a legend, someone I have watched and cheered for going back to when he played with his brother Russ. Without hesitation he said, “Could I park over behind the arena” pointing to the VIP lot then he called me Son. Wow, no one has called me son especially someone 10 plus years younger plus he had no VIP Parking Pass so I felt he was trying to use his status to get the full VIP treatment. I looked at him and said “Who are you?” Well if you ever seen somebody that was in shock and speechless it was Glenn. He was probably thinking how could this guy not know me and how do I explain to him who I am.
I then said, “I was just screwing with you Glenn and you can park in the VIP lot” Relief immediatly came over his face but the best reaction was from his wife and sibblings. They were laughing and probably thinking someone finally pulled a fast one on the old man. That’s my story.
The 2015 Tankard ran without a hitch, we had near record attendance, great ice, good food and beverage and fantastic curling. Thankyou for awarding this event to The Ingersoll Curling Club.
Good Curling
Moe Rogers