One of my favourite memories happened in Ottawa. A number of fellow curlers at our club in Gander were eager to cheer on our provincial team in the Tim Hortons Brier. We were not only excited to make the trip to Ottawa, but to also wear shirts supporting our home province! As there were 6 of us travelling, we were each going to wear a shirt bearing a letter!

Close to our departure date, one of our travel buddies wasn’t available, leaving us unable to spell GUSHUE fully. Upon arriving at TD Place wearing our shirts, we were met with confused looks from our fellow curling enthusiasts! When someone wanted to get a picture of us, a lady nearby heard of our plight…a missing letter… and she gladly offered to fill in! We were delighted to get the help! Now we were able to spell GUSHUE with no confusion!

This scenario happened many different times at the games as well as at the Patch. Many ‘new friends’ stepped in to help us out…young, old, male and female from all parts of Canada. We had a lot of fun meeting and chatting with curling fans as we all got to enjoy the game we love and the teams we love to support as well!