Mexico is curling - Curling Day In Canada

Watching the Olympic Games of Sochi back in 2014 I felt in love with the sport by just looking it on the TV. At the time that was the only thing that I had and told to myself that if I ever lived in a country in which I could try the sport I would give it a try. That happened in 2 years after when I moved to Vancouver and was able to participate in a “Learn How to Curl” program at Vancouver Curling Club.

Right after the 2 hours of program I registered on a league for the next season. After 3 seasons I got contacted by the president of the Mexican Curling Federation (which

I didn’t know existed) and he mentioned me that there was a possibility of participating in a WCF championship that could take us to the Worlds. At that time I thought this was a joke, but 3 months after I had the opportunity to be part of the first Men’s Mexican Team to participate in an official event and finished second winning a sport for the World’s Qualifier that took place in Finland 2 months after that.

We finished in last place, but gave us the opportunity to play against team of a really high level and something that I would have never imagined. As of today, I paired up with one of the women players from Mexico and we are participating in Mixed Doubles, trying to win a spot for the future Olympic games.

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