I came to curling after retirement from teaching and ŵas immediately hooked because of the great friendly group at the Huntley Curling Club in Carp, Ontario. After many years with limited success I made a move to a stick and became much better at making my shots.
Imagine my mixed doubles partner and my surprise, when in January of this year, by some stroke of luck, we had a 6 ender! We were flabbergasted, and wondered how we did it.

The next couple of matches were regular with a couple of losses and some back and forth.

But yesterday, in our second end, down 3, we did it again!!

What are the chances! Completely incomprehensible but we will take our small moments of success and treasure them as well as our great friendships from curling!

Thank you, partner Rick Perry, and all at Huntley Curling Club for all the experiences.

Not too shabby for senior curlers!!