As I had curled for 4 years, in Grade 8 our Phys Ed teacher insisted I skip a team for our after school program.

I reluctantly agreed (I loved third because of the physical burn and thwacking sound produced when sweeping with my beloved red Rink Rat broom – silly I know!!). I was able to convince 4 girlfriends that had never curled before to join me- we all lived in same direction so we could all ride home with my Mom.

What a season- all 5 showed for every game – twice a week – Tuesdays and Thursdays and a couple spiels. We took turns at each position and when was my turn to sit out, our teachers allowed me to kind of coach- so empowering to be able to share my (limited) experience with my friends.

We had a blast and finished season at .500. One of my teammates became good enough to join our girls team at Divisions.

Going from village natural ice to massive Prince Albert Golf and Curling Club was jab dropping. We played 4 x 6 end games (that felt like 10) and lost only in final to much superior team keeping it close.

Our coaches and parents were so pleased with our placing- and we were too…the next day. Our boys’ team won the Division and shared their win with us- that’s what small country schools do. I’m certain DQ was enjoyed before the long drive home.

One of many magnificent curling memories growing up in the sticks of N. Central Saskatchewan. 🐓💚