My Boyfriend Asked Me To Marry Him Scotties 2012! - Curling Day In Canada

My Boyfriend Asked Me To Marry Him Scotties 2012!

My boyfriend asked me to marry him at the 2012 Scotties in Red Deer at the heartstopped lounge. Of course I said yes! He had tried to get our engagement on TV but has given too short of notice so he had some help to organize something in the lounge. After the engagement the next few days at the Scotties were full of congrats and well wishes from fellow fans and some even bought us congratulations drinks! It really felt like we had a second family there. Curlers are the best! We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary this year! We have 3 beautiful children. Our oldest son will start curling in fall and we hope to see him in the 2034 Brier! We both grew up in curling families. As a kid I remember going to the rink playing with the other kids while our parents were on the ice. The ice maker would give us as much chips, candy and pop as we wanted! We enjoyed playing with our toys and running up and down the viewing seats unsupervised! As adults some of the kids I played with at the rink we now play in ladies/mixed spiels together. My husband grew up in a curling family as well. He started at the age of 7 years old. Played league with his Dad and brothers. He played in college as well now plays in 2 leagues. Thanks again to everyone who helped with our engagement it will truly be a memory I will cherish forever!

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