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My Bucket Lust

Barbara Towegejick

February 10, 2023

This is a true story. I grew up in Thunder Bay and was actually in grade 9 class with AL Hackner.. I played curling once in my entire life.I was very athletic in school..playing a variety of sports and figured that curling was a very easy game to learn…WRONG…I didn’t realize how difficult a sport it is…not just the physical aspect but the mind technique trying to figure out your oppents moves. Anyways I totally flunked as being a spare lead for the team …I slipped on the ice..overthrew.underthrew and kept looking around to see if anyone noticed…I was very happy when the game ended. HOWEVER it did not stop me from enjoying and watching the teams…of course I cheered AL Hackner and even cheer today for Thunder Bay.. I moved to Winnipeg many years ago and became a fan of Jennifer Jones and haved watched her over the years compete and continue to inspire the young players.. I was even given an autographed broom from a workmates…every year I tease my husband saying my bags are broom ready…just in case Jennifer needs a spare Haha..Because of work and other financial priorities I have never once been able to attend the Scotties….I do watch on my TV and will continue. HOWEVER it would be awesome to attend a real game. ITS on my to do bucket list…From your dedicated fan