My curling experience - Curling Day In Canada

Here is a story of past youngsters growing up around sports.

I grew up in a small mining property called Sisco Mines O’Brien Ont. 6-10 miles from Gowganda and about 26 miles for Elk Lake Ont.. I have 2 brothers ,Ron & Rick, and a sister, Linda. Only Ron and I curled in league play, where Rick and Linda just play on the ice while Dad (Charles Wink) took care of the ice, it was a 2 sheet club.

As we grew Ron went to school in Kirkland Lake and Mom had 3 left at home Dad was an electrician here. I subbed in for league play and then Dad entered us in a bonspiel in our home club in O’Brien. Our one and only bonspiel was here at home, Dad entered Ron, I, and  Mom as an entry; over joyed at playing with Dad was a thrill.

We played well and face a team of all skips, nervous as anything, Dad just told us to enjoy and play. We came out on top as the other team drank and believed they could beat us. We won 4 curling stone candy dishes, which each of us children had one. I remember Dad going to play at the 4 Season curling club in North Bay but don’t know anymore than.

After Dad died we moved to New Liskeard and attended high school, Ron attended the Mining School in Haileybury for instrumentation program, we never got a chance to curl again, but always enjoy watching on TV.

I have worked here in North Bay as a building cleaner, so never got to watch much curling, moved up in company to operation manager so worked all different hours, now retired and love watching everything I can. I have had the joy to see the 2018 Ford World Women’s Curling live at Memorial Gardens. Only missed 3 teams out of 14 for autographs; Scotland, Italy and the winner Team Canada Jennifer Jones and her team.

I didn’t bother teamss on ice as to many people around them, didn’t bother them between games as that is there time.

Then came the chance for the Masters Cup and was over excited to be able to see 30 teams here for that and a great chance to see the men play live. I got many pictures of the men on the ice and some of the new ladies teams I only saw on tv. Thank you Curl Canada and Memorial Gardens, North Bay Granite Curling Club for bringing such great entertainment here to North Bay, as Ican not travel to see event as I am a senior who lives without a pension.

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