My Curling Journey

I started curling at the age of 5, I instantly fell in love! I found out about curling from my grandparents, I have been watching them curl my whole life. At the age of 8 I started watching curling on TV. I really enjoy watching the elite teams in action. It has inspired my big dreams of trying to make it to the Scotties one day. Now to fast forward to today, I am 11 years old and it is my 7th year curling! I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Nova Scotian curlers that will be competing at the 2023 Scotties! I have been granted the privilege of working with a former Scotties and World Champion… Kim Kelly. She has been helping me improve my skills and learn how to become a champion!! She really inspires me and my drive to one day become team Nova Scotia!! She has been giving me golden pointers and tips that we can both see are making a huge impact. I am looking forward to continuing to grow in the sport that I love!!!

Written by: Karina Coughran