My Curling Story - Curling Day In Canada


My Curling Story by Luba Tasevski

How it all began:

One Saturday morning when I was about 8 or 9 years old, I wake up and made my way to the living room where my older brother was watching tv. I didn’t know what he was watching so I just jumped on the couch next him because I loved spending time with my big brother. Once the commercials where over curling comes on. Not wanting to watch curling at all because I thought curling was soooo boring, I started to get up and leave. My brother then grabbed and pulled me down back on the couch. As I struggled to get away, as I really didn’t want to watch curling, he says to me “give it 10 minutes, I will explain the rules and if you still don’t like it you can go”. I agreed to these terms. I don’t know if it was how he explained the rules, the fact that I was understanding them (lol) or if it was just bonding with my brother but I fell in love with curling.

For the next 20 or so years every year my brother and I would watch the Scotties and Brier together. We would talk strategy and talk about how teams were doing that year as we watch great match after match and great shot after great shot. Even when we no longer lived together in our childhood house, we would still call/text “hey did you see that shot”, “did you see the Canada vs Manitoba game”?

For years we watched great curlers like Colleen Jones, Jennifer Jones and Rachel Holeman lay the groundwork and change the landscape of woman’s curling.

A Tradition is Born:

In 2013 the Scottie were being held in Kingston Ontario and my brother, as a birthday gift, asked me if I wanted to go. With an enthusiastic YES the trip was planned and we attended opening weekend of our first Scotties. I remember going into the KRock for the first time, seeing the ice live and the players warming up and I was smiling ear to ear. I will never forget the first set of matches as the sheet right where we were seated was team Nova Scotia, Colleen Jones’s team. I was a huge Colleen Jones fan and loved how her team changed how woman’s curling was played, she was a true champion. Watching her win 5 of her 6 Scotties getting to see her team play live was a dream come true.

That weekend in Kingston was sooooo cold, negative 15 (negative 25 with the wind-chill) and I remember one match I was so cold that even being bundled up, toque, gloves, big winter jacket plus using my brothers jacket as a blanket and my brother bring me hot chocolate after hot chocolate trying to get warm and I just couldn’t. I will never forget that game as my brother laughed so much on how cold I was, plus watched great curing.

After such a wonderful weekend, that I wished could have lasted a little longer we were on the train headed home. Whilst we traveled, my bother working on his computer and me just starting out the window smiling as I reminisced on the great weekend we had, my bother stops, looks at me and asked me if I had fun. To which I responded Yes. He then asked me if I wanted to do this every year to which I screamed out YES!!! A tradition was born.

An Unfortunate End:

After attending 6 Scotties and 1 Roar of the Rings (the Olympic Trials that year) we were set to go to our 7th Scotties. In 2019 my brother and I attended the Scotties in Sydney, Nova Scotia. During what ended up being almost 30 plus hours in travel to get there; we were on a shuttle from Halifax to Sydney and there was a woman who asked us what brought us to Sydney. I told her the story of how my brother got me into curling and that we go every year together. I told her how we would be doing this until we were old and gray. Not knowing that it would be our last.

2020 hits and COVID shuts down the world and sport have no attendance. 2021 still no one can watch live. Then finally after a few lost years its announced that the people can attend the Scotties again. Our hotel was book, the flight was book and tickets for Championship Weekend were purchased. We were both super excited to be going again. Then unfortunately about two months before we were to go my brother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

A New Tradition Begins:

When my brother passed away my heart broke and will most likely forever have a piece missing. I was not able to attend that year for obvious reasons. As I struggle to heal from this loss I think back to my brothers funeral and when I was introduced to some of his colleagues and the first thing they talked about when they found out I was his little sister was how much he talked about our brother and sister curling trips. They told me it was all he could talk about weeks leading up to and for weeks after the trip. They talked about how excited he was to go. Hearing those words made me both cry but also smile knowing how much my brother not only loved this tradition but also how much he loved me.

With the encouragement of family and friends telling me that he wouldn’t want me to stop doing something I loved so much I will once again be attending the (2024) Scotties . With my hubby by my side a new curling tradition will begin. I will never forget the thousands of memories over the year with my brother, I am looking forward to creating new ones with my partner, who happens to love curling just as much as I do.

This is my curling story.

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