It was the 8th End and we were being clobbered. The score was 7 to 1. We are now up to my rocks. I note to my vice, Donna that we have Six rocks in the house. We both kind of muse over this. For the whole end “They” have been putting one in and guarding it. We would peel the guard and roll away. I did the same with my first rock, pealed the guard and rolled away. I was trying for the double but they still had 2 in the house.

LAST ROCK: They had one in and guarded but both were behind the T-Line. I needed both to win the end. I indicated where to put the broom and Donna, said “are you sure? Looks like a lot of ice” We discussed the ice for a bit & noticed all through the end there was a Four swing there and so I went with that. I watched that rock all the way down, no one swept, it seemed to take forever, all on its’ own…. Donna’s eyes kept getting wider and wider and finally; YES got the double and won the game with An 8-ENDER!

This was some time ago as you will notice from the photo. One never forgets the excitement of an 8-ender. My philosophy of never quitting until you are out of rocks paid off. My thinking always was, if we are having a bad game, just keep playing because if we are that bad we really needed the practice.