My family had driven from the Lower Mainland to Kamloops for the Tim Hortons Brier. It was the first time the Tim Hortons Brier had been so close and with family and friends in Kamloops, my dad and I knew we had to go. We drove up to the stadium and crossed our fingers we’d be able to find tickets. Crowds as predicted were heavy so we knew our chances might be low. I waited to the side while my dad went to the box office. I was prepared for the fact he might come back without anything and we’d have to try again tomorrow. We only had 2 days so we knew our chances were slim.

My dad came back and had a huge grin on his face. I knew he got tickets. But the exciting part was he met someone walking up to the office. They weren’t able to attend anymore and their work had given out free tickets. They handed the two tickets to my dad free of charge. We were so excited about that we didn’t even think about where we were sitting. It wasn’t until we got inside that we found out the tickets were at ice level dead centre.

You couldn’t have asked for better seats. We had such and amazing time watching from so close. Plus team BC was playing during that draw and we were able to cheer them on. I’ve been to other curling event around BC and never gotten to be as close to the ice as that moment. Seeing the look on my dad’s face being right at ice level and getting to spend the time watching the games with him was by far was my most memorable and special curling bonspiel moment.