I had two sons, both quite athletic, they played a lot of Baseball, the oldest even went to the USA and was on the Wichita State Shockers baseball team that won a College World Series.

My youngest son, now married with two sons of his own, desperately wanted his boys in sports, he had them try everything, Hockey, Baseball, Karate, Soccer, and Basketball, all to no avail, they just had no interest whatsoever. This seemed heartbreaking for my son.

Then four years ago, he took his youngest son (Cole) to the curling rink to try curling, and yes you guessed it, Cole fell in love with curling. My son (Blair) was so happy that he himself took classes to become a curling coach.

And now four years later Blair coaches a team (which Cole is part of) and they practice three nights a week and Cole plays three times a week.
This year Cole started his first year of high school and tried out for his high school curling team, and yes you guessed right again, Cole made the team!

My Moto: Curling builds families, and friends while having fun and growing together. Yes, it also restores hearts!

Coles’s next goal is to have his team compete in next year’s Nova Scotia Junior Championships.