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My life growing up watching curling

Megan Schiller

January 23, 2022

My name is Megan, I grew up in a small town an hour north of westlock. Living in a small community we didn’t have much to do. My parents love curling and in a town half hour away named Jarvie there was a curling club. Lots of my memories are of the Jarvie Curling rink, watching my mom and dad curl. When I was old enough my parents taught me how to curl. Some of my fondest memories are curling with my parents, aunts, uncles and building friendships in the community. The curling rink wasn’t a big fancy place the walls where slanted and where always ready to fall down, the ice was always wonky and you never knew what it was going to do, I remember the first time I threw on “normal” ice I just about put the rock through the walls seeing as I was used to throwing on Jarvie ice and throwing hard was what you had to do if you wanted to make it across the hog line. After our ice maker passed away dad took over the ice making so I learnt how to help do that, unfortunately nobody wanted to help do the ice and dad couldn’t do it anymore so the club shut down a few years ago. Now if I wanna curl which unfortunately I haven’t done in a couple years we have to go to Lineria! I miss being on the ice, the bonspiels where we made it fun by doing glow in the dark curling and many different odd but fun ways to play the game. Now I am just as happy watching curling on tv and have been to the Boston Pizza Cup (where I got to meet Kevin Martin which was pretty awesome) when it came to westlock. To get a chance to go to the brier would be awesome, getting to watch Brad Gushu and Kevin Koe and many of the other amazing teams would be awesome.