When my daughters were little, I was a full time stay at home mom and we watched every draw of the Scottie’s and Brier on TV every year. They knew Team Gushue was always my favourite team, and in 2017 my youngest, Mackenzie, became infatuated with Mark Nichols. She was 2.5yrs old then and said hi to him on the TV every time she saw him. She knew his name and what team he played for. The men’s worlds were in Edmonton that year, and we took the kids to see Team Gushue live. Mackenzie couldn’t believe it was, “my Mark Nichols”, and she kept calling out his name during their game against Scotland. Mark looked over to her and smiled throughout the game. After the game, Mark came over to say hi to his biggest little fan! She was in disbelief, and we have this wonderful picture from that day. Mackenzie is now a curler too, part of our Junior Program at the Shamrock Curling Club!