I have been a curler for over fifty (50) years and I have enjoyed every second of it, but there is one team, one competition, one journey that stands out for me – one that I thought I could only dream of – but it really happened.

In 1989 I was a mother, a “club curler”, who – along with my son Drew – were members of the Mike Harris mixed curling team representing the Tam Heather Club. Our team won the Ontario Mixed Curling Championship and participated in the Canadian Mixed Curling Championship in Brandon, Manitoba.
I had tears in my eyes before every game as we were “piped” onto the ice at the Keystone Centre. I didn’t realize at the time that Drew and I were the first mother and son to play together at a Canadian Mixed Curling Championship.

My memories aren’t about the games or the results of them. My memories are about the people I met, got to know, and who still are my friends. Two of these people, Karen and Lois, were volunteer drivers who I met at the event – we still communicate with each other after more than thirty years.

I am extremely grateful to the members and staff of the Canadian and Provincial Curling Associations, to the people who sponsor and volunteer at curling competitions and events – you provided me (and every curler in Canada) an opportunity to “live my dream”, and “provide memories” that will last a lifetime.

Thank you,
Judy Macklin