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New beginning

Alexandra Legault

January 23, 2022

After a long break brought on by Covid-19, I was finally able to play my first bonspiel after a year and a half without touching ice. The Saint-Lambert U-18 juvenile circuit tournament 2021 is one I will never forget. Playing with a brand new team composed of players who had barely had a month of practice together, we slowly but quite quickly built a bond that couldn’t be shaken. This very first bonspiel played as a new team, we won first place. This win solidified our connection and gave us the dose of confidence we needed to carry us through to where we are now. There would be people watching our games and that would ask our coaches how long we’ve played together, and they’d always have a look of shock on their faces when they’re told “barely two months.” It’s amazing and rare how quickly we became a team, how we were able to grow so much together in a short amount of time.