My Friday night team was one player short
We needed a guy who would be a good sport,
To curl with us every Friday at night
And wouldn’t mind if we threw a bit light.

So my skip went to work searching the club,
Checking the spare list for someone to sub.
He finally found Paul, who readily agreed
He’d join the team if he didn’t have to play lead.

It all began on sheet number six.
We met to curl in the “Friday Night Mixed”.
After 2 years of curling on Fridays ‘til late,
We finally went out on a real live date.

There’s a day in October that won’t be forgot
We forfeited our game to go tie the knot.
The rest is history, as they usually say,
We’ve been curling together since that fateful day.

We’ve made shots and missed shots, always had fun.
We’ve bonspieled and partied until we were done.
Sometimes we won, and sometimes we lost,
The fun that we had was well worth the cost.

As we get older, we’ve slowed down quite a bit.
My new knee works better than the older one did.
Now without cataracts, Paul can see down the sheet.
And we both use a stick, we’ll not go down to defeat!

I’ve played with my ladies and he with his men.
On mixed teams, and doubles, our game has no end.
When people ask how we met, I just say . . .
If not for the “Spare List” we’d not be here today!

Written by Pam, inspired by Paul