Let’s go back to 2006.
The first year that Gushue made it to the Olympic Games. That year it was held in Turin. After not the greatest of starts with a 1-1 record, Team Gushue beat Murdoch and from there out it was all good. For the gold medal game, I at the time was training for a new position at my job. It was on in the break room and I periodically went out to check the score. Then as well all know and love, they had the huge 6 in 6 which essentially put the game on ice. ( set up by Marks beauty of a run back)So I stayed in the training class until the 8th end. At this point I knew that I would be out a little longer than normal so I advised that I was going to the “bathroom”. After going out and watching the last end and as well as the celebrations my trainer appears behind me while I was watching….oopsy. Ever since then she always mentioned that time I went to the bathroom for a little too long. “But it was Canadas first gold medal in the sport…something that I’ll never forgot” was always my reply. (She was never mad and I believe due to the fact that me being a very soft person when it comes to sports there MAY have been a few tears shed) If I remember correctly I think she may have hugged me and made fun. (Meanie!)
So hopefully this year will be the same…go get ‘em fellas….make me cry again! 🤔🇨🇦