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Curling Day in Canada

Once in a lifetime opportunity

November 24, 2020

Back in 2018, I lived in South Korea. During this time, the Winter Olympics were being held in Gangneung. I joined the lottery system and was able to purchase several curling game tickets!

At the event, there was the Canada House where everyone can go enjoy Canadian themed food, watch games, and buy Canadian themed merchandise. I was in line for food and John Morris was standing in front of me!! This was just after him and Kaitlyn Lawes won the mixed doubles gold. I congratulated him and we had a casual conversation of our lives while waiting for food. I also ran into Kaitlyn there and also passed along my congratulations.

Fast forward to a week or so later, and I was able to go watch another curling game at the Paralympics. The game that I saw was not the Canadian wheelchair team, but I did run into them while on my way to the venue. I shook their hands. Mark Ideson, Ina Forrest, Dennis Thiessen, and Marie Wright were so lovely and I was so grateful to interact with them there! One of the coolest moments of my life!