My best friend and I always enjoyed watching curling, even though we were miles apart. We would call each other about upcoming curling events being televised and each pick our favourite teams. Once cell phones became popular we would text each other during games, after games and voice our opinions to each other. Then came the day the brier was coming to Edmonton, we immediately contacted one another , as this would be a dream come true to be able to attend. With her residing in northern Alberta , and myself residing in central Alberta, it only made sense that we should meet in Edmonton. We each purchased tickets for the week, never missed a game. We purchased 50/50 tickets all week and promised to share with each other if we won. Of course that didn’t happen. But we both enjoyed each and every game, making side bets for quarters. We also attended autograph sessions , got as many autographs and of course photos that we could of our favourite teams. This definitely a trip of a life time for both of us. At the end of the week she flew home, I drove home and we promised each other if opportunity came again that we could attend brier we would. Unfortunately it will never happen for her and I , as she unexpectedly passed away a couple years later. So if you are every thinking you should attend a curling event grab a friend and attend it, you will only be making long lasting memories.