One of our favourite curling connections - Curling Day In Canada

In 1962 a team of young curlers from Dilke, SK, skipped by Kent Holland were thrilled to make it to the South Playdowns. There they were thrilled again to have the chance to play against the famous Richardsons!! Later, Kent would say that he gave them one of their many wins that year.

The next year, at the Regina Men’s Bonspiel, Kent heard his name being called and looking around saw Ernie Richardson waving at him from several sheets away. That generous gesture by Ernie started a tradition of regularly getting re-acquainted with him and/or Sam at various curling events, sportsmans suppers or golf courses over the next several decades.

In 1992, our daughter Amber Holland skipped her junior ladies team to a Canadian Championship and because that made her a local celebrity she was asked to speak at a sportsman’s dinner in Holdfast, SK. The main guest speaker happened to be Sam Richardson. Amber acquitted herself very well and received glowing accolades from Sam. That evening was the start of a very dear friendship between Amber and Sam. He often claimed that he was here Number 1 fan and we are sure it was true. He would suggest her for speaking engagements and followed her career closely offering encouragement and support. He spoke at the team send off after she and her team of ladies won the Scotties in 2011. Amber was very honoured to be asked to speak at Sam’s funeral.

Then in 2019 when Kent and Myrla decided to take another step in the retirement journey and move to an assisted living facility in Moose Jaw, we were more than pleased to share our first meal with Arnold and Lillian Richardson who are now our dear friends and neighbours down the hall.

The connection of the Richardsons and the Hollands over close to 6 decades came about because WE ALL LOVE CURLING!!

submitted by the Hollands

Feature photos: Amber Holland and Sam Richardson.

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