I grew up in small town SK started curling at 12 and at 60 am still going strong curling at the local Caledonia club here in Regina. I am part of the organizing committee for the annual Regina Women’s Curling bonspiel held at the Calendonia Club.

Curling is part of who I am.

Over the years I have had so many fun memories and met some darn fine people. The Volunteer opportunities, meeting some of my favourite players like Nik Edin, Thomas Ulsrud, Kevin Koe, Val Sweeting and so many others. Going to Vagas for the Continental cup, the Olympic try outs and several big spiels closer to home. In 2018 I was chosen as one of the 4 community volunteer finalist by Ford Canada and was matched up with team Gushue. What an exciting experience that was. Ford Canada called me while at safeway”I broke down and cried”.

There are two stories that are top of mind both are introducing others to the game. The first was with my friend Olive who knew nothing about curling. A few years back I took her to the Scotties in Moose Jaw for a day. We had settled in for our second game of the day. Just as I was taking a sip of a nice cool beer, Olive asked “I don’t mean to sound stupid but are they playing on ice!” Well I must say it was a good thing no one was sitting in front of me as I had to spit out my beer with laughter. I will never forget that as long as I live. Olive annually comments that she loses her friend every year during playoffs. :).

My favourite by far was taking my grandson Isaac to his first big tournament. We had just the best day. Photo included.

Another girlfriend and former team mate are meeting in Calgary at the end of this month to flying on to Kamloops for the Scotties. This is our second big tournament together and I can’t wait.

For the Love of curling thank you for this opportunity to share.