Party-On In Port Alberni - Curling Day In Canada

I played in a mixed bonspiel in Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island a number of years ago. It was a large event with over 40 teams. The bonspiel theme was Gilligan’s Island where everyone had to dress up as one of the cast of Gilligan’s Island. There were so many games to play that our team had to play on Saturday night while the party was going on above in the curling lounge. You could hear the music from the party on the ice, so between ends we would all dance on the ice to whatever song was playing. Many of the partiers in the lounge noticed our dance moves on the ice and started to show a lot of enthusiasm. They encouraged us to keep partying while we were on the ice, and it felt like we were right there with them upstairs. It was such a memorable bonspiel. Port Alberni sure knows how to throw a party. Check it out sometime.

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