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Curling Day in Canada


Trevor MacLeod

January 23, 2022


The year, 2020. I had been grooming a crack team of jack wagons for years with parlor games such as washer toss, darts, and frisbee. Now was the time to complete my lifelong vision. It was time to learn to curl.
I did not grow up curling. My parents did not curl. My team mates did not curl. We are all middle aged men with our most accomplished athletic years in the rear view mirror. What better time to unleash the PLAIDIATORS curling team, whilst local club curlers were desperate for membership and distracted by the pandemic. 2020, shut down early due to COVID, was a painful delay but our spirits did not wane. 2021, shut down early due to COVID was substantially disruptive to our emotions. At this time we could have wilted. We could have submitted. We could have given up. Instead, we channeled our inner plaid, and went to our locally owned Home Hardware store. We gathered supplies to forge the (to our knowledge anyways) first Junkyard themed Street Curling Championship to continue to nurture our admittedly sub-par on-ice performance.
Bonds forged through the experiences of the last 2 years are iron clad, plaid laced, and indisputable. The PLAIDIATOR brand continues to flourish at our local club, with 2 PLAIDIATOR teams this year.
Anyone interested in a membership can consult our twitter account if we ever figure out what that is. If swag is your thing and you would like to support the PLAIDIATORS, then you can purchase some merch at the nearest Marks Workwear House. Just head to the sale rack, grab some plaid, and wear it with pride. Embrace the sense of belonging. PLAIDIATORS – MOUNT UP!