Curling has always been a huge part of my life… I loved playing the sport and watching the Scott Tournament of Hearts.
In the late 90’s I worked in food industry for Coopers in Kamloops.. In those days (Scott Paper) now known as Kruger Products had display contests. Because I understood the sport, I was lucky to win for the area, a beautiful jacket from Scott Paper.

My store manager, Dennis Pederson, knew the Scott Tournament of Hearts was coming to Prince George in 2000 and suggested I go up and volunteer as my husband, Terry, was helping with the Ice anyway. He said that he would hook me up with Scott Paper people he knew. I decided to do so and took the bus up to PG. Nervous and happy off I went. I did volunteer with Scott paper in their makeshift booth we set up. We at that time sold curling swag: puppets slippers pins …
About the second day there, people were mumbling that a famous curler was coming into the building on the concourse. When I saw who it was and literally ran to the door and fell to my knees as I was standing in front of Anne Merklinger. A curler who I had followed and adored !! It was the best memory of my whole curling career. Not the wins or losses, but to see in person a woman who I think the world of. And as it turned out Anne played our own BC team Kelly Law in the final … Which BC won !

I met many celebrities that year, Robin Wilson, Cathy Stephenson, Stephen Blythe, Warren Hansen, BJ Gagnon, Lloyd Stanza and many many more. I was also honoured to meet Sandra Schmirler team Jan, Marcie and Joan… Some of which carrying babes in arms at the time.

I also got to be the Scotties Mascot as well as run the concourse booth. At the end of the event, I was invited to join them in Sudbury for the 20th ! It became a lifelong love, The Scotties Tournament of Hearts. From 2000 to present I have been so fortunate to be a part of this event. And now proudly hosting in our home town : Kamloops 2023 ! I truly am Living the Dream. Watching teams from across the country putting their Heart into every game played !!