Quebec Brier 1971 Before The 5th Player - Curling Day In Canada

During the first game of the Brier our Mate Lester Bowering blew out his knee meaning that Alex Andrews and I had to throw three rocks each with only one sweeper. This was the in the days of twelve end games and using the good old corn broom. On Wednesday Skip Bob Cole asked the Brier officials
if there was any way we could be permitted to add a spare. This was not granted however they did permit a sweeper. Keith Lawes who was in attendance as a spectator and who had played with the Newfoundland Brier team in 1969 with a team skipped by Bill Piercy and included Alex and I. came on board as a sweeper. By the end of the week Keith’s hands were all blisters and very soar. A week to be remembered for sure

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