Retired And Ready To ROCK - Curling Day In Canada

I am a retired nurse and have avidly watched curling my entire life

We do not have a curling rink in Springhill NS any more

I was very young when they tore down the old building

But I watch every tournament and have even taken to watching live stream when provincials and mixed doubles or other games that are not on tv are playing

They don’t broadcast curling on TV as much as they should I don’t think

Although this makes me an armchair athlete, I am still one of the biggest supporters of curling

Have been watching it for 30 years and I still love the young teams that are coming up there more athletic they’re well trained it’s a joy to watch, and I hollar in front of the TV all the time, and my husband even hollers back to me hurry hard Lol and it’s a joke between us

Although he doesn’t understand the game very well he wonders why they holler so much

I have psoriatic arthritis and take injection weekly

This disease doesn’t allow me to get on my knees and I worked shift work and raised my children and with no local curling

I have to be a fan from home but a big one

I am from the era of watching Colleen Jones here in Nova Scotia and Sandra Schmirler when she curled and when she got sick and passed away
and Russ Howard and Kevin Martin, a lot of my favourite curlers, and now they’re broadcasting which I enjoy

There are also some new rules that I don’t necessarily agree with the five rock rule I don’t enjoy I like the hitting

I find they don’t get enough time to talk things out so they’re always short on time.

Lots of people like Kevin Koe is always running on 20 or 30 seconds for his last shot that shouldn’t be because when the rushed they’re not doing a good job.

So much has changed like the clothing they wear ,the shoes, the brooms ,because I’m older I do like the old brooms they used to use but I realize the newer ones are more efficient.

On my phone calendar

I always have the games that are coming up

I tape them on TV if they’re at night

Or if it’s in Alberta or BC or even if it’s the world curling in Japan or China anywhere around the world and I’m not up watching it I’ll tape it

Get up in the morning and watch it

I watch so much I feel like I know these people and that I am a number one fan

Pick me to go to the briar

Many thanks
Jan Hollis

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