Me and my wife attended the roar of the rings in Ottawa. We had an 11 month old baby with us and were ready for the championship weekend. We were watching the afternoon game when slider came over for a visit and held up our son. He got a big ovation and a new toque as well. As we were sitting there the man beside us starting chatting with us as a baby is always a good conversation starter. We chatted for all the games on Friday as we had the same seats for the weekend. On Saturday he asks me if I curl. I said no I play hockey but I love watching curling. He said to me I bet after you watch this you will join a curling club next year. As a big hockey guy I said no way I am giving up hockey to play curling. Fast forward the following November I started playing mixed doubles and absolutely loved it. I am now playing two nights a week in mixed doubles and our clubs 4 person competitive night. I am in absolute love with the game and don’t see myself going back to hockey. 1 event and 1 conversation with the guy beside me changed my sporting life for the rest of my life.