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Sam’s Drive to The Brier

Diana Steep

February 10, 2023

Our son Sam Steep has been curling since grade 4 starting in our small town of Seaforth, Ontario with his Uncle Todd as his coach. His team of family and best friends won Ontario Tim Bits in grade 8. That was his first win of his curling future. Since then, he has skipped his team to Ontario Junior champions, University and College Ontario Champs as well.

He has been skipping his team in Ontario Men’s. His goal is The Brier and someday, The Olympics.

On November 19th, 2020 my son was bow hunting for deer, a family tradition. He did everything right. Hung his bow so he could put on his safety belt when the chair of the tree stand gave way. Sam fell 16 feet to the ground. Had the adrenaline to call his Dad. We were so blessed he was ok however, he broke both his wrists. Sam saw his curling future flash before his eyes. He had surgery on both wrists. Through determination, physiotherapy and the support of his team, family and friends, Sam Steep is curling and winning again on the Ontario Men’s Tour. His goal remains The Brier followed by The Olympics and he has his whole family and the town of Seaforth Ontario are behind him.

Not long ago he was commenting the games at the Ontario Tankard/Scotties. He did a great job with many emails about what a great job he did. All I got was “Mom, it’s bitter sweet because I’d rather be on the ice.”

We are all so proud of our son Sam and look forward to watching him reach his dreams.