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She’s “Cut Out” For Curling!

Cindy Crich

February 9, 2023

It’s obvious she was “cut out” to be a curling fan. At 88 she’s Canada’s biggest curling fan. In 2021 at the height of COVID she sat motionless in the stands proudly wearing her “Hey Matt, it’s Joyce” sweatshirt her daughter made her. Matt Dunstone has made a point of making our mom feel loved and appreciated.

While in the crowd at the Briar it didn’t matter if shots were good or bad, she didn’t say a peep. Not one single word. She just sat in the stands day after day (with all the other cut outs) smiling from ear to ear. Mom was so incredibly happy to be there (well as a cut out).

When the Briar finished she was just getting started. She could be found throughout the community representing Curling. Pictures started popping up of her “cut out” driving a tractor, riding a horse, reading bedtime stories to her grown children even being the nosy neighbour. Countless laughs were had on her adventures.

Curling has brought so much joy to so many people.

It’s obvious she was “cut out” for curling. It’s time for her to be there in person❤️