Our curling club has a Christmas cash spiel every year with 4-end Skins format. One year, I played against old Terry who we always had close games with. Well, we carried over all 4 ends and had to throw skip stones to decide who would get the entire prize money.

I threw first and drew a beauty just past the tee line, biting the back of the button. Terry made his way warily into the hack and came out throwing wider to my line and what looked to be considerably harder. As it crossed the hog line. it started to slow down and really move. The old fellas he had as his  front end gingerly swept it to the top pf the house and stood back.

The coy grin I had on my face quickly dropped as I watched the stone skid to the button and cover the pin. The sheer disappointment I felt just melted, though, when I looked up and seen the massive grin spreading fully across Terry’s face. We shook hands and he bought the drinks.