St John's Brier - Curling Day In Canada

My first Brier I attended was in St John’s NL – the year Brad won.
We had 2 hours notice to leave a day earlier as flights were being cancelled the next morning due to an ice storm.
Scrambled for a place to stay for that night.

Our Airbnb got broke in to when we were out one evening which triggered a visit from the Newfoundland Police at 2am after a Brier Patch Visit.

On the final day while at a game, we received a call from Air Canada that our flight at 6am the next morning was canceled and we would not be able to get a flight until 3 days later.
Won’t lie – we were quite upset and stressed.

But we settled in to the championship game like the Canadian Curling Fans we are and were on the edge of our seat with that final shot Brad made – we thought it wasn’t going to make it.

The place erupted for the hometown boys.

We raced to the Brier Patch and everything was worth it to see Brad sharing the cup with his town.

This was an experience of a lifetime and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I will remember my first Brier experience forever💗 – every second of all the things that happened along the way that led to that moment of that last shot for Team Gushe to win.
PS: I did not know you were not supposed to touch the Cup so Brad I got to touch it before you did -shhh dont tell

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