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Curling Day in Canada



February 1, 2021

My story took place many years ago when I was 21 years old in 1970.

I was working in the bank in Sackville  N.B. and some of the guys asked if I would like to join them on the weekend to go to a curling tournament that was being held in a nearby city . It was a one day affair . Although I had curled only a few times I was told that I would not be playing as the teams had already been set. I decided to go along and enjoy a day out.

I spent the day having a few drinks and playing cards with other guys when they were not curling. By the time later in the afternoon I was getting rather tipsy. Then the time came to give out the curling prizes and I weaved my way to the room where the prizes were being handed out.

Our guys didn’t win anything, then I heard my name called out. I won the prize for ABLEST DRINKER and took home a fresh quart of rye.

It was a curling day to remember..