Strathcona Friendship - Curling Day In Canada

My husband was selected to compete in the Strathcona Cup Competition in 2018. Yvan Roy, his teammate, in 2022 reached out to my husband and his team to see if they would be interested in playing in the Quebec International Bonpsiel held in Quebec City. But of course, due to the pandemic it was postponed to January 21-25, 2023. Two of the original player couldn’t commit to the new date because they were hosting the Scottish Teams competitng in this year’s Strathcona Cup Competition in Canada! So my husband asked if I was interested to play! I said yes with no hesitation! Yvan was able to pick up his league play teamate Patrick. This bonspiel was the first year that women could participate in it! Not only did the Strathcona Cup trip to Scotland made great friends, it also maintain friendship from coast to coast! It also started great curling conversation when they wore their Strathcona Attire!

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