In January of 2018, my wife and I decided to attend the Continental Cup in London on the Saturday evening. We arrived very early and we were checking things out when we decided we’d go across the street to the casino and have some dinner.

On our way we noticed a sign saying “buffet dinner”. We went in and checked it out and found out there’d be a meet and greet with some of the teams. By stroke of luck we found out Team Homan would be there. We’re from Southern Ontario for Team Homan is our favourite team not to mention Canada’s Olympic team. My wife was very excited about and opportunity to meet them and talk to them for a minute and wish them luck at the Olympics…and of course meet some of the other teams there as well.

That set the mood for the entire evening. Unfortunately, Team Homan wasn’t playing that evening but we did get a kick out of Joanne Courtney yelling “NICE SHOT!!!” and hitting the “GONG” all evening. Also, Team Koe was playing and both my wife and I get a kick out of Ben Hebert!