Good afternoon,

I’ll never forget the day that I went to the Shorty Jerkins Classis in Cornwall. It was Sept 2019. I was supposed to go with my mom, because we are both avid curling watchers and fans. And any chance we get we go and watch an event. This particular time, we were supposed to go together again but my mom ended up getting sick with a really bad cold. I ended up going alone, not something I do often. I am a huge fan of Jenn Jones. I was determined even though my mom couldn’t make it, I’d make it special for her. So after the game I waited around to take pictures with some curlers. I saw Jenn and thought here’s my chance, so I put my nerviness away and approached Jenn. I introduced myself and asked if I could have a picture. Saying that this was the second time I’d met her. She remembered me and then I asked her if she’d talk to my mom on the phone. I described to her about my mom being sick and if she would call my mom to wish her well and she said yes. That is something my mom will never forget. It made her day and my year. Not very many athletes do that. That is why I like curling, they go out of their way to make their fans welcome and go above and beyond.