I love curling. I think it is an amazing sport. I started curling a few years ago when I was 8. I was at a sports centre during my brothers hockey and I asked my mom if I could go down to see the curling rink. We then got there the person working there told me I could see the ice. I could feel the cold pebble rubbing against my finger. He then had offered me to come on the next Saturday and try curling. From what I remember, I think the curling lesson I was going to go to was at 9:30 am. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I think I was nervous because the other kids were probably better then me but that was ok. The curling season had already started. I loved it. I then started going every weekend.

My favourite curling memory is probably when I went to my first tournament. We had come in second place but not by far. It was the last game of the tournament. We had won every game we played. The other team had one loss. We were playing the final game. The scores were pretty close. We needed to get a few more points to go to a tie or to win. We had the right amount to tie. I remember needing to measure it to see if they got to win the tournament, or if we would have another end. The measuring stick went by and my team and I had relived feelings when we had tied! We had to play another end. We thought we had it in the bag but we didn’t have hammer. I can’t remember exactly how many we were sitting but I think it was a few. Remember, they had hammer. They had thrown the last rock and to our eyes, they had got it to be the closest! We were a bit sad but we also knew that we did amazing. I remember when I walked back into the spectators area, I heard cheering for us and it made me feel better. We got second place trophies. I think it was especially amazing featuring it was our first tournament.

Since the tournament we have done friendly games with them just for fun. I find that fun to do.

That is my favourite curling story. I think we could’ve done a lot worse but no matter what, it was fun. I can’t wait to go to more tournaments and have more fun. I truly enjoy curling. Thank you for reading my most compelling curling-related story.

Grace Loureiro